Our Donors

It is thanks to the incredible generosity of our family of donors that we are able to, time and again, bring the wildest dreams of our artists roaring into reality. We are honored to express the deepest thanks to the following Season 9 donors:

(Donors at the $5,000-$10,000 level who have made gifts specifically to support our transition to an Actors Equity Association contract)

Jenny Ainsworth, John Clark, Ashley Garrett and Alan Jones, Suzanne Gilad, Christopher Schout and Wayne Zink, Ann and John Costello, Mark Lyons

(Donors at the $1,000-$10,000 level)

Kenny and Marleen Alhadeff, Linda Dahl, Judith Erwin, Sandra and Lou Hart Phillips, Susan and Mibs Matthews, Miles Nordin, Katie Priest, Benevity Fund, Jennifer Melin Miller and David Miller, JMJ Fund

(Donors at the $100-$500 level)

Randy Adams, Lauren Bayer, Jane Berger, Geoff Berman, Elizabeth Bianco, George Blanck, Kathryn Bodall, Patrick Brigman, Michael Bulger, Tom Casserly, Robert and Denise Day, Lauren Doll, Alex Donnelly, Morgan Dubin, Daniel FitzGerald, Sue Frost, Marina Gershtein, Jacob Gilbert, David Hein, Noel Hidalgo, Pearl Hodiwala, Jill and Jeffrey Kaiser, Regine Kuperman, Jesse Lane, Lawrence Lelli, Robert Magilen, Andrea Miller, Joan L. Murphy, Frankie and John Neamonitis, Jason Neidleman, Deck Neisler, Ileane Olson, Katie Priest, Judith Ricci, Ray and Kit Sawyer, Jeanne and Jeffrey Schrier, Dan Shaheen, Peter Southall, Brian Spector, Lauren Stevens, Bill Stockland, Vanessa Tiede, Susan and James Tracy, The Kuperman Brothers, Steve Wolf and Ruth Jaeger, Jordy Bell and Steve Jacoby

(Donors at the $1-$99 level)

Alena Acker, Calli Armstrong, Irene Barsky, Beverley Bass, Lydie Bavoil, Isa Benneniste, Rebecca Blazer, Salty Brine, Amy Buchanan, Christopher Burney, Jonas Cartano, Louis and Lynn Checchetto, Ann Connolly, Lindsey Cosgrove, Arnaud Courgey, Romano Di Nillo, AJ Ditty, Maria and Elisha Fisch, Christina Fitzpatrick, Katrina Foster, Jeff Friedman, Tracy Friedman, Meghan Gaur, Chris Grenga, Daniel Hank, Kate Hoffman, Mady and Marc Holzer, Dmitriy Ioselevich, Darren Katz, Robert Kelly, Milena Khazak, Alexander Kveton, Allie Lalonde, Janet and Gary Langhorst, Ben Lasser, Catherine Lasser, Diana Levy, Jerry Lieblich, Mia Lipsit, Brian and Kathy Manfre, Wayne Martin, Jacob Marx Rice, Graeme McDonnell, Barrie Moler, Heather Morris, Katie Palmer, Brad Raimondo, Alicia Recore, Shannon Robinson, Erik Schroeder, Elizabeth Sharp Levine, Julian Silverman, Shawn Singh, Charlie Smith, Russell Sperberg, Nicholas Spiezio, Mike Steinmetz, Daniel Theodore, Zach Topkis, Tim Viltz, Erika Warmbrunn, Bonnie and Sam Watkins, Corinne Woods, Ruth Yankiver, Guy Yewdab


Pipeline is proud to receive additional funding from…

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