Our Donors

It is thanks to the incredible generosity of our family of donors that we are able to, time and again, bring the wildest dreams of our artists roaring into reality. We are honored to express the deepest thanks to the following Season 9 donors:

(Donors at the $5,000-$10,000 level who have made gifts specifically to support our transition to an Actors Equity Association contract)

Jenny Ainsworth, John Clark, Ashley Garrett, Sue Gilad, Christopher Schout & Wayne Zink

(Donors at the $1,000-$10,000 level)

Kenny and Marleen Alhadeff, Christopher Schout & Wayne Zink, Susan Matthews

(Donors at the $100-$500 level)

Lauren Bayer, Elizabeth Bianco, Kathryn Bodall, Alex Donnelly, Morgan Dubin, Daniel Fitzgerald, Patrick Brigman, Jeff and Jill Kaiser, The Kuperman Brothers, Jesse Lane, Andrea Miller, Frankie and John Neamonitis, Jason Neidleman, Deck Neisler, Jeanne Nesselroth, Dan Shaheen, Lauren Stevens, William Stockland, Vanessa Tiede, Susan and James Tracy

(Donors at the $1-$99 level)

Ann Connolly, Kate Hoffman, Robert Kelly, Janet and Gary Langhorst, Brian and Kathleen Manfre, Alicia Recore, Nicholas Spiezio, Guy Yewdab


Pipeline is proud to receive additional funding from…

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