Nate Weida

Nate Weida is a composer and writer living in New York City.

He has written nine musicals. His most recent work, Byuioo, produced by Pipeline Theatre Company and directed by Andrew Neisler, was presented at The Gym at Judson in 2013. Nate is also an active member of Judson Memorial Church where several of his shows, such as Commander Squish (2014), The New Hopeville Comics (2014), and I’s Twinkle (2011-14) have been developed and performed.

His music for Fordham University’s production of Brecht’s Life of Galileo was performed at Lincoln Center in 2011. He has been a regular musical director for Atlantic Theater Company Kids Shows.

He currently plays in a bluegrass band called “Great Dog Almighty” that performs regularly. He occasionally raps with the hip-hop group “Dragons.”