Amazing Race Fundraising Guide

Already signed up to participate in Pipeline’s Amazing Race? Well then the game is already on! Between now and October 21, you must raise $500 for Pipeline as a team, or $250 each. You can do this through Facebook fundraisers, by becoming a Magic-Maker donor yourself, or through a combination of the two! You can also create a goal higher than $500 total. Additional dollars raised will mean bonus points for your team on race day! Here’s how it works:

Make a Facebook Fundraiser:

There are two ways to go about this as a team. Either each teammate can create their own unique Facebook fundraiser with the goal of $250 each (or more!), or one team member can create a fundraiser with the goal of $500 and the second team member can share that fundraiser on their own Facebook page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”
  3. Click “Get Started”
  4. In the search bar, type in Pipeline Theatre Company and select it when it pops up.
  5. Select an amount to raise (reminder: your team must raise a total of $500 by October 21 to participate).

Facebook will automatically generate a title and description for your fundraiser, but consider adding a line in regard to the Amazing Race! Here’s a possible example:

[TEAMMATE’S NAME] and I are teaming up to compete in Pipeline Theatre Company’s Amazing Race! We’re participating because 1) competition is fun 2) we could win tickets to Hamilton and 3) we love Pipeline and their work and we believe it’s important. Over the last ten years, Pipeline has established itself as the creative home for emerging artists with big impossible dreams, and today I hope you’ll join me and throw in your support. Every donation made through Facebook today will go directly to Pipeline and their artists. We’re working to raise $500 by October 21. Help us get there!

(Tip: Tag Pipeline, our Amazing Race event, and your partner in your post).

Create and share!

Become a Magic-Maker Donor:

As a Magic-Maker (at the $100-$500 level) you are at the core of the Pipeline family, and a vital part of making our work possible. Our Magic-Makers receive a wide-array of exclusive benefits. When you make this much of an impact, we put you in the center of our work, right where you belong.

To complete this challenge, you may either elect to become a Magic-Maker at the Enchanter level ($250) to fulfill half of your goal, or at the Illusionist level ($500) to fulfill your entire goal (or the $100 Charmer level can get you part of the way there!). We’ve included an outline of the benefits below, click here to learn more about being a Pipeline donor.

(Fully tax-deductible) | Become a Charmer

– Advanced access to all productions
– Exclusive booking through Concierge on staff
– Invitation to a special Members’ night during the run of the mainstage production

($225 tax-deductible) | Become an Enchanter

– All “Charmer’ benefits plus…
– 50% off walk-up tickets on the day of the show (Limit two tickets. Subject to availability.)
– Free drink for you and your guest at all productions where drinks are available

($400 tax-deductible) | Become an Illusionist

– All “Enchanter” benefits plus…
– A complimentary pair of reserved premium tickets to all productions. (Excluding Opening Night. Subject to availability.)

Thanks for Participating

That’s everything you need! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining in. Happy racing!