Spotlight on Ellen Winter

Over fifty ferociously imaginative emerging artists are working together to bring our world premiere of Folk Wandering roaring into reality. In advance of our first performance on February 23, we’ll be sharing interviews with each of these artists. These conversations will bring you inside this show’s very unique process of creation, and bring you a bit closer to this brilliant and wild group of emerging artists. Today, we are pleased to bring you a spotlight on music director, Ellen Winter!

Read the full interview below and get your tickets to performances February 23 – March 18 today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: What first attracted you to Folk Wandering? What made you want to work on this project?
Ellen Winter: I saw Folk Wandering at Polyphone in 2017 and couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks after. The music, the stories, the characters stayed with me like a welcome haunting. I accosted Neisler at drinks and was basically like, how can I be involved in this beautiful piece, just tell me how.

The music and the stories in this show shook me. I wanted to live in this world of songwriting. To explore it. To operate within it. The lyrics and melodies strike a chord (literally) and I wanted to understand this organic, musical machine. And oh man – it is epic.

PTC: What aspect of the Folk Wandering story do you most relate to?
EW: Hannah’s experience as a woman in the music industry really gets to me. Oof – and Rosie with her New York dreams!

PTC: If you were to write a tagline for Folk Wandering, what would it be?
EW: What will you take with you?

PTC: What big dreams have you been chasing recently (or would you like to chase)?
EW: I’m making my first solo album this year! And that is terrifying/exciting!

PTC: Two truths and a lie, go:
EW: Growing up, I wanted to be an inventor. Running is my go-to method of exercise. Toast with peanut butter, avocado, kale, lemon, and a little bit of pepper is delicious. You’re welcome.


Folk Wandering begins preview performances on February 23, opens on March 4, and runs through March 18. Tickets are now available to all performances. Get your tickets today!

Photo by Alison Grasso.

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