Performances Begin Tomorrow & New Short!

The Gray Man begins tomorrow! Performances September 24, 26, and 27 are just $20. Go early and save. Get tix now.

And watch the conclusion of our very short film series, There By Her Side.

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Volunteer and Get Free Tix

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with The Gray Man load-in and front-of-house. Interested in free tix to The Gray Man? Interested in lending a hand?

LOAD-IN: September 21, 3PM-7PM
FRONT OF HOUSE: September 25 – October 18

Email to sign up.
If interested in volunteering for load-in please include any specific technical background or skills.

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We’re Partnering with 826NYC: October 13

At Pipeline, we’re all about unbridling imaginations, and this October, we’re devoting more resources to it than ever before.

826NYClogo_transparent-01 (1) copy

On Tuesday, October 13, we’re hosting a special The Gray Man benefit performance in support of 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. 50% of the proceeds from this very special performance will go directly to 826NYC programs. But this night won’t be like every other night:

The evening will begin at 7:30PM with special presentations of 5 scary stories, written by 826NYC students, and performed by the Pipeline ensemble. Our performance of The Gray Man will then begin at 8PM.

Tickets to this very special event are just $40. Click here to join us!

STEM Avery & Ruben

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Oh Boy Did We Make It

OH BOY! We are in major celebration mode over at Pipeline. As the clock struck midnight just moments ago, we not only hit our Kickstarter goal…we way surpassed it! Thanks to you, our incredible community, we were able to raise $11,122 in just one month.

We can’t thank you enough for banding together and giving Pipeline the resources we need to really knock this production out of the park. Thanks to you, The Gray Man is going to be truly incredible. We are so grateful. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

You’ll be continuing to hear from us with updates over the coming weeks and, as we learn the identities of our more mysterious donors, we’ll continue saying thank you all over the place.

We’re also throwing a party for all of our artists and backers at Dean St. (755 Dean St., Brooklyn) on September 19. All of our backers received an RSVP link via email. If you are a backer and you did not receive the link, please email .


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A Secret Party in the Basement of the Woolworth

There’s a secret bar in the basement of the Woolworth building, and on September 25, in honor of The Gray Man, we’re taking it over.

There will be an open bar (10PM-11PM), swag bags, special guests, and dancing into the wee hours of the night.

Entrance to the party comes with a ticket to our opening night performance. Can’t see the show that night? Party entry is just $10.


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Watch “Poor Babe in the Woods”

Just can’t wait for the The Gray Man? Well now you don’t have to.

Get an early look with our very short film: Poor Babe in the Woods

And grab your tickets before September 8 to get that early bird rate. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Get Tix.

Become an Associated Work

We’ve got a space and we’re looking to fill it! Throughout the course of The Gray Man, we’re programming in one-night-only engagements on each of our dark nights. Currently, October 6 is still available. Got a reading, workshop, or other small event in need of a home? Email for rates and details.

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Early Bird Tickets Now On Sale!

Early bird tickets to The Gray Man are now on sale! Prices increase on September 8, why pay more if you don’t have to? Click here to get your tix!

The Gray Man

by Andrew Farmer
directed by Andrew Neisler

September 24- October 18
Walker Space, 46 Walker St., NYC
Tickets: $15 – $30

The Gray Man isn’t real. He’s a ghost story, a boogeyman mothers make up tales about to keep their children safe.

A grieving young man named Simon listens to these bedtime stories outside his apartment window and yearns to leave the city he’s so afraid of. But when he meets a little girl with an old soul who speaks of missing children, Simon can’t help but feel trapped in his tenement house, where a familiar shadow waits in the darkness.

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Support The Gray Man on Kickstarter

Our upcoming production of The Gray Man will take our artists and audience on a whole new kind journey into a dark and haunting, but also delicate and beautiful new world. To build this world, we need resources – more than ever before. And to get those resources, we need your help.

Today Pipeline launches our first ever Kickstarter. We’re involving our community in a whole new way, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

Click here to help us raise $10,000 by September 11, 2015.


We have some enticing perks (your own scary story, tickets to our events, super insider access, and more) but we know that’s not really why you give. You give because you care about this production, these artists, and our mission to provoke courage and compassion through imagination. Support Pipeline as we take on our most ambitious show yet.

Learn More About The Gray Man

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It has both cavemen and sentient robots, an interview with Colby Day

Day_EditedThe world premiere reading of Colby Day’s latest play, Untitled Time Dilation Play, directed by Stefanie Abel Howoritz, is coming up on July 10 at 7:30PM as part of our Bonfire Series. Read our interview with Colby below to learn more about this project and also to maybe help Colby name his play.

And reserve your seat now to Untitled Time Dilation Play, July 10, 7PM, South Oxford Space (138 S. Oxford St.).

Pipeline Theatre Company: What do you want us to know about your play?

Colby Day: The title. Seriously. I need one of you out there to come, hear it, and tell me what it’s called. The story starts at the Big Bang, has a couple pit stops with people loosely connected to one another along the way, and ends when the universe does: once energy reaches its final resting state. Tell me what to call this.

 PTC: When and where did you decide to start writing this play? Why?

CD: I think I decided to write this play while watching the movie Noah. Which is not good. But is a big epic and I’ve been really into big epics lately and wanted to do something like that, on a large scale, about what it means to be human and if there is a god (probably not but that’s cool) and how we’re supposed to exist in the world.

Then of course, figure out how the heck to do something epic about the size of humanity in a little intimate way on stage. I like setting challenges.

PTC: What excites you most about this project?

CD: It has both cavemen and sentient robots. How could you not be excited?

PTC: In once sentence, tell us something strange that happens in your play.

CD: There are a couple transitions where the stage directions read: “We skip 45,000 years here.”

PTC: Are you working on anything else? What?

CD: TOO MUCH. I am all about #contentcreation. Lately I’ve been writing some short movie things which are really fun and strange. I have a Twitter account where I pitch my worst (best) TV show ideas: @unpitched. I’m also programming a series at The Tank in August where I’ll present a “Guided Memory Tour” I’ve been working on.

PTC: Two truths and a lie, go:

CD: I can make myself cry on command (by thinking about space)

 My grandfather, father, uncle, and I all have a scar in the exact same place

My mom is a terrible driver and once hit a cow on a family road trip

PTC: What’s next for you?

CD: I host an indie alt-comedy show at people’s homes around NYC, which is coming up in early August. Readings at The Tank (from me and other cool cats) in late August. Then Crashbox Theater is producing my play Kitchen Sink Experiment(s) in the fall, directed by Andrew Scoville. Like my Facebook page ( to hear about all of these. I’m also going to a lot of weddings if you want to be my date.

About Untitled Time Dilation Play

by Colby Day | directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz
July 10, 7:30PM
138 South Oxford St., Brooklyn
Reserve Your Seat

The Big Bang. A lot happens. Entropy brings the universe to rest. Lights out.

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This troubling, thrilling nucleus, an interview with Adam Fried

Fried_EditedThe world premiere reading of Adam Fried’s latest play, Serpent in Quicksilver, directed by Chris Mirto, is coming up on July 19, 7pM, as part of our Bonfire Series. Read his interview below to learn more about this romantic, tragic, violent, emotional, and magical play.

And reserve your seat now for Serpent in Quicksilver, July 19, 7PM, South Oxford Space (138 S. Oxford St.).

Pipeline Theatre Company: What do you want us to know about your play?

Adam Fried: It’s dreamlike and harsh, romantic and tragic, with a classic narrative structure, witty banter, graphic violence, strong emotion, and card tricks. It’s a fusion of Powell’s “The Red Shoes” and Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”, a shotgun marriage between Fellini and Tennessee Williams, a fevered dream of Antonin Artaud whispered into the ear of Orson Welles.

PTC: When and where did you decide to start writing this play? Why?

AF: The germ of the idea took root many years ago when my aunt and uncle described a disturbing magic show they had recently seen, similar to the one at the beginning of my play. A jumble of images and ideas slowly attached themselves to this troubling, thrilling nucleus, and yet it always felt just out of reach, an elusive, tantalizing thing that I could never get right. It’s been percolating inside my head now for decades, and I promised myself I would write it only when I felt I was good enough to realize it properly. That time, I think, has finally arrived. I hope you agree.

PTC: What excites you most about this project?

AF: Beyond its personal relevance, I’m very pleased to try my hand at a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk, unifying all the different kinds of art that I love into one multi-course banquet, or at the very least, blending them into a tasty theatrical smoothie that’s savory, salty, bitter and sweet.

PTC: In once sentence, tell us something strange that happens in your play.

AF: It rains calla lilies.

PTC: Are you working on anything else? What?

AF: At the moment, I’m developing the play I wrote for Pipeline’s Matchstick Series into a two-night, site-specific crime epic, as well as completing the final play in my magnum opus, “Johnson Hates Boswell (Pt. 1: Talking for Victory, Pt. 2: My Dearest Enemy, Pt. 3: The Flower of Coping”).

PTC: Two truths and a lie, go:

AF: 1. Wes Anderson once asked me for my moussaka recipe.

2. I’ve brought a man back from the dead.

3. There’s a building in The Bronx named after me. 

PTC: What’s next for you?

AF: I’m shooting a number of short films over the summer, finishing up work on a feature length documentary titled “Building a 747 in Mid-Flight”, honing a new live sketch comedy show, and hopefully getting a good night’s sleep.

About Serpent in Quicksilver

by Adam Fried | directed by Chris Mirto
July 19, 7:00PM
138 South Oxford St., Brooklyn
Reserve Your Seat

A magician and his daughter reenact a trauma from their past, nightly on stage, while embarking with a new apprentice on a quest for atonement through the power of art.

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