When: Donate now until May 24th
What: Virtual Fundraising Campaign
Why:  Help us prepare for future in-person events, and get exclusive priority access to Elixir: Digital Immortality when you become a donor (beginning virtual performances on May 25th).

Pipeline’s Annual Gala is usually a unique evening of revelry, spectacular performances, and our community coming together to raise a glass to the incredible work of our ambitious artists. This year, we’re foregoing a zoom evening and will be sending you email updates instead for you to enjoy from home over the next week. Our entirely virtual UnGala fundraising campaign will run from today until May 24th, and our goal is to raise $15,000. Every penny will go towards our return to the stage and to in-person events!


Usually at the Gala we’re able to show our audience a sneak peek preview of what we’re working on. This year, we didn’t want to lose that piece of magic so all UnGala donors this season will be invited to experience a snippet from Mar Hwa Wei’s ELIXIR: Digital Mortality between May 25 – June 5, 2021.

ELIXIR: Digital Immortality, written by Mar Hwa Wei, is an interactive, immersive, multimedia play based on a fictitious AI tech startup. Using neural network technology, Elixir creates digital selves that can live online forever. Pipeline donors can meet with Gem, Elixir’s Chief Authenticity Officer to interview to become a “beta user” for Elixir’s state of the art immortalizing technology. 

Warning: ELIXIR is fictitious. We know it will feel real. It’s not!

We have 50 slots available for this one-on-one, 15-min zoom experience, which will open up to our full audience on May 25th. Get ’em early, experience it first! Donors will receive a follow up email with a password protected link to book their experience.