Pipeline’s Amazing Race

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary season all year long, and we’re kicking things off on October 21 with a very special, very Pipeline event. We’re calling it Pipeline’s Amazing Race, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Teams of two will race through downtown Manhattan, and will conquer mental and physical puzzles in order to get points and move from place to place. Think scavenger hunt…but with a Pipeline twist. The first pair to pass the finish line and rack up the most points wins two VIP tickets to Hamilton.

To participate, teams must sign up here and complete the first challenge by the morning of the race, Sunday, October 21, 11AM. What’s the first challenge? Using a Facebook fundraiser (or by making your own donation) each team must collectively raise $500 for Pipeline ($250 per participant). Race day will culminate in a Season 10 Kick-Off Pizza Party (1:30PM-5:30PM), where the winning team will be announced.


We’re known for challenging our artists to stretch the parameters of what’s possible and to go as far as they can dream. In honor of our 10th anniversary, we’re bringing that challenge to our whole community. Our audience and supporters will compete alongside teams of Pipeline artists, staff, and ensemble. With Pipeline’s Amazing Race you’ll test your mind (trivia! games! brain puzzles!), challenge your body (well, a little), and support Pipeline while you do it!

Interested in participating? Here are some things you should know:

  • Pipeline’s Amazing Race will take place on Sunday, October 21 and is a full day event. You’ll need to set the whole day aside to participate.
  • Participants will be given only the most vital logistical information ahead of October 21, but most of the elements of this event will be a surprise. A sense of adventure is required!
  • To participate, each team must include 2 members, no more, no less.
  • While the race will include both mental and physical challenges, we would not consider any of the physical challenges to be high impact. The race is designed for participants of all ages and abilities, and if there ever is a challenge that appears to be too physically demanding there will always be a mental challenge alternative that participants can opt for.
  • With the above in mind, this is still a race! This event is recommended for participants who will be comfortable maneuvering through downtown Manhattan quickly. Transportation methods are completely up to you, but the whole race will take place within one mile (north to south), spanning the entire island east to west.
  • The race can be completed by spending less than $5.
  • The event will conclude with Pipeline’s Season 10 Kick-Off Pizza Party. The winning team will be announced at the party and Amazing Race participants can attend free of charge.
  • The first team to finish the Amazing Race will win a pair of VIP tickets to Hamilton, to be used on a date of their choosing. The team can use the tickets for themselves or give them as a gift. The tickets must be used by April 21, 2019, cannot be booked more than 1 month in advance, and the winner should include 2 backup dates when booking their tickets. Already seen Hamilton? We can get you VIP tickets to any show on Broadway (except Cursed Child).
  • To participate, each team must complete the first challenge by October 21, to raise $500 collectively (or $250 each) for Pipeline through a Facebook fundraiser or personal donation. Instructions to help you navigate this are included on the confirmation page of the sign up form and here!