Our Donors

It is thanks to the incredible generosity of our family of donors that we are able to, time and again, bring the wildest dreams of our artists roaring into reality. We are honored to express the deepest thanks to the following Season 10 donors:


Anonymous, Ashley Garrett & Alan Jones, Rosemary & Ken Willman

(Donors at the $5,000-$10,000 level)

Marleen & Kenny Alhadeff, Anonymous, Anonymous, Ann Costello, JMJ Fund, Mark Lyons, Susan & Mibs Matthews, Thomas Matthews, Christopher Schout & Wayne Zink, Brian Spector

Illusionist MAGIC-MAKERS
(Donors at the $250-$500 level)

Randy Adams, Lawrence Lelli, Judith Ricci, Jeanne & Jeffrey Schrier, Lauren & Kipp Stevens

Charmer & Enchanter MAGIC-MAKERS
(Donors at the $75-$250 level)

David Berlin, Kathy Bodall, Patrick Brigman, Michael Bulger, Fernando Contreras, Lindsay Cosgrove, Lauren Doll, Caroline Dooner, Sue Frost, Amy Gerwitz, Nancy Gibbs, Julie & Bruce Goldsmith, Carolyn Joy, Kuperman Brothers, Joan Murphy, Daniel Schrier & Julie Cederbaum, Jordan Scott, Lisa Scott, Caileigh Scott, Lee Seymour, Jorge Solar, Tom Viertel, Steve World and Ruth Jaeger

(Donors up to the $75 level)

Sydney & Matt Allen, Tessa Alves, Joe Anderson, Samantha Banerjee, Michelle Bauer, Lisa Brooks Garcia, Rhonda Brown, Mark Cajigao, Abe Calimag, Piki Caputo, Seth Clayton, Alison Clayton, Katharine Clayton, Jacklyn Collier, Dario Contreras, Arnaud Courgey, Brittany Corwell, Mary Dautherman, Colby Day, Benjamin DeShazo-Couchot, Matthew Dinda, Mark and Joanne Donheiser, Sarah Donnenberg, Leah Donnenberg, Amos Dreisbach, Berry Duan, Jesse Dubin, Rich & Lori Dubin, Morgan Dubin, Michael Duqette, Kristen Fast, Andrew Fox, Marina Gershtein, Regina Gibson, Brian Gillespie, Marci Gottfried, Peter Guernsey, Stephen Halpin, Rhonda Hand, Joel Hatch, Rebecca Hoodwin, Jill Hopman, Randy Jacobs, Robb Johnston, Jane Jones, Nathan Kane, Darren Katz, James Keenan, Vanessa King, Suzanne King-Irwin, Wanda Knox, Janet Langhorst, Mary Laskow, Lee MacDougall, Katelyn Manfre, Philip Martin, Brian McCarthy, Erin Mizer Helton, Deck Neisler, Hadrien Nicoloso, Mary Jo Pane, David Pasteelnick, Sabrina Pestel, Paige Price, Jacob Marx Rice, Jonathan Rothman, Caesar Samoyoa, Lyn Sargent, Justin Sargent, Shelley Schrier, Arielle Siegel, Jeremy Siegel, Malcolm & Leora Siegel, Joe Snyder, Nicole Spiezio, Kristina Stinson, Christy Stowell, Anna Strasser, Megan Sweeney, Shaye Troha, Ellen Tucker, Lauren Tucker, Sara Weiss, Navid Youssefian


We would additionally like to acknowledge the members of our AEA Team, a distinguished group of individuals whose 2019 donations enabled Pipeline to transition to an Actors’ Equity Association company. This includes Jenny Ainsworth, John Clark, Ann & John Costello, Ashley Garrett & Alan Jones, Suzanne Gilad, Barbara & Mark Lyons, and Christopher Schout & Wayne Zink.


Pipeline is proud to receive additional funding from…

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