Our Donors

It is thanks to the incredible generosity of our family of donors that we are able to, time and again, bring the wildest dreams of our artists roaring into reality. We are honored to express the deepest thanks to the following Season 11 donors:

Legacy Circle
Ann and John Costello, Ashley Garrett, Mark and Barbara Lyons, Barbara Whitman, Kenneth and Rosemary Willman

Up to $1,500 | Adventurous Magic-Makers
Marleen and Kenny Alhadeff, Kim Davis, JMJ Fund, Ben Lasser, Miles Nordin

Up to $500 | Courageous Magic-Makers
Randy Adams, Blaise Ageura y Arcas, Jason Baruch, Kathryn and Steve Bodall, Sue Frost, Nancy Gibbs, Larry Lelli, Mark Anthony Saint Cyr, Kipp Stevens

Up to $250 | Enchanting Magic-Makers
Patrick Brigman, Michael Bulger, Lindsey Cosgrove, Marina Gershtein, Harold and Peggy Harris, Adam Hyndman,  Regina Kuperman, Dave Malloy, Deborah McCandless, Irene Sankoff and David Hein, Isabella Shulman, David Silverman, Eric and Rebecca Sitarchuk, Leorah Wood, Daniel and Ruth Yankiver

Up to $100 | Charming Magic-Makers
Irene Barsky, Beverley Bass, Isa Benveniste, Molly Clifford, Ann Connolly, Natalie Gershtein, Jacob Gilbert, Daniel Hank, Joel Hatch, Francis Jue, Ricky and Jeff Kuperman, James Lapine, Mary Laskow, Tony LePage, Gabriel Mangiante, Eileen Murphy,  Jeanne Nesselroth, Joan Osborn, Francis and Janan Pisano, Ari Schrier, Dan Shaheen, Alan Shulman, Brian Spector, Sasha, Thompson, Daniel Tracy, Jim and Susan Tracy 

Up to $50
Jessica Bird Beza, Linda Bowman, James Canal, Seth Clayton, Julian Christopher, Brittant Crowell, Jessica Frey, Skylar Fox, Meghan Gaur, Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Sue Gilad, Kelli Harrison, CJ Higginbotham, Gary William Hobbs, Alla Howard, Graham Johnson, Milena Khazak, Larisa Krut, Janet and Gary Langhorst, Nick and Diane Marson, Wayne Martin, Violeta Picayo, Ray Pledger, Paige Price, Ned Raube-Wilson, Jake Robertson, Jack Ruppenthal, Audrey Rush, Abby Schreer, Jodi Segal, Inga Shubat, Arielle Siegel, Masha Smolyar, Russell Sperberg, Nicholas Spiezio, Victoria Ungvarsky, Ran Xia, Katie Young


We would additionally like to acknowledge the members of our AEA Team, a distinguished group of individuals whose 2019 donations enabled Pipeline to transition to an Actors’ Equity Association company. This includes Jenny Ainsworth, John Clark, Ann & John Costello, Ashley Garrett & Alan Jones, Suzanne Gilad, Barbara & Mark Lyons, and Christopher Schout & Wayne Zink.


Pipeline is proud to receive additional funding from…

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