Bonfire Series

A Program of the Pipeline PlayLab

Presented each summer, the Bonfire Series is the culminating event of the PlayLab. In this two-week play-reading festival, Pipeline premieres all eight full-length plays developed over the course of the preceding season.


Bonfire Series:
Featuring the PlayLab Class of 2017
June 20 – 25, 2017
Jefferson Market Library | 425 6th Ave, NYC

Heart of Duckness
by A.J. Ditty | directed by Kevin Hourigan
Tuesday, June 20, 7:30PM

It’s the Berlin Conference of 1884 and the world stands on the brink of war as delegates from every European nation gather to find a peaceful solution to the monstrous scramble for Africa. But every character is a duck. And we’re all corkscrewed.

The Troll King
by Aeneas Sagar Hemphill | directed by Emily Moler
Wednesday, June 21, 7:30PM

For many, the internet is a safe havenbut it can also be something more sinister. When a young gamer’s love goes unrequited, a breach of trust rocks the student body and fantasy and reality collide.

The Holdfolk
by Taylor Edelhart | directed by Jaki Bradley
Thursday, June 22, 7:30PM

Deep underneath the earth, a family of elves has pieced together something like a peaceful life. Then a Human shows up. A broken fairy story about learning how to live underground.

by Francesca Pazniokas | directed by Felicia Lobo
Friday, June 23, 7:30PM

A lonely taxidermist trains a mysterious child with terrifying talents to be his assistant in Wunderkammera play that blurs the line between human and animal, and life and death. It asks: how do we determine who is an us and who is them?

Trick of the Light
by Charly Evon Simpson | directed by Dina Vovsi
Saturday, June 24, 7:30PM

Aurora returns to her childhood home for some quiet, but soon realizes something is amiss. Her mother spends nights yelling on the porch and her aunt pulls the same tarot card every day. Not to mention the three mysterious, banshee figures she sees.

Bruise & Thorne
by J. Julian Christopher | directed by Lou Moreno
Sunday, June 25, 7:30PM

Bruise and Thorn work at a laundromat in Jamaica, Queens. Bruise dreams of becoming a chef and Thorn of changing the face of Hip Hop. When finances become strained, they get caught up in illegal activities sending them on a magical ride to make their dreams come true and get the hell out of Jamaica.


Bonfire Series:
Featuring the PlayLab Class of 2016
July 14 – July 24, 2016
South Oxford Space | 138 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn

Princess Clara of Loisaida
by Matt Barbot | directed by Nelson Eusebio

Eleven Shades of Blue
by Amy E. Witting | directed by Sash Bischoff

by Jacob Marx Rice | directed by Anna Strasser

Hags, Mopes, and the End of All Existence
by Jen Browne | directed by Tasha Gordon-Solmon

Girl Becomes Bone
by Callan Stout | directed by Jaki Bradley

The Mermaid Parade
by Gina Femia | directed by Erin Ortman

The Puppet Show
by Reina Hardy | directed by Anais Koivisto

Bonfire Series:
Featuring the PlayLab Class of 2015

July 9 – 19, 2015
South Oxford Space | 138 S. Oxford St, Brooklyn

The Convent of Pleasure
by Sarah Einspanier | directed by Portia Krieger

Untitled Time Dilation Play
by Colby Day | directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz

Hiding in Sanity: A Tragicomedy
by Rachel Music | directed by Courtney Ulrich

Nostalgia is a Mild Form of Grief
by Jerry Lieblich | directed by Lee Sunday Evans

by Jeremy Wine | directed by Kel Haney

Let Me Be Frank
by Salty Brine | directed by Jesse Thurston

by Claire Kiechel | directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz

Serpent in Quicksilver
by Adam Fried | directed by Chris Mirto