Amazing Race


#1 M60 Select Bus Service
#2 The Spooktastic Speedsters
#3 Happy ‘Ween!

Pipeline’s AMAZING RACE continues virtually, with a new autumnal twist! In this edition, Racers will solve puzzles, play games, and complete challenges to find their way through a maze – without ever leaving their homes! The Race can be played in teams of 2 or more people, and Racers don’t need to be in the same physical location as their teammates to play together.

Who: Teams of 2 or more people (in person or virtually)
Entirely virtual
Anytime between October 31 – Nov 1, 2020
Duration: Approximately 1.5 – 2.5 hours to complete.
Pricing: Free! (suggested donation of $30 per player, or $100 per team, but it is not required to play. All players who participate in the suggested entry fee will be gifted our new Pipeline mug!)

While you can simply play for the fun of it, we’ve also compiled some stellar seasonal prizes for Racers with a more competitive spirit. Prizes will include things like: Seasonal Tea, Personal Tarot Reading, Puzzles & Games, Delicious Autumn Treats, Herb Seedling Kit, Spooky Books, And More!

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page here, or email

Not able to play, but still want to support Pipeline? Consider sponsoring a team and receive a Pipeline mug as a gift with your donation!

The Guardian of the Maze has a message for you

Welcome to the A-maize-ing Maize Maze!

There will be no more corny jokes, I promise, I shall be very serious now. My colleagues often disapprove of me, but they let me have my fun from time to time. So – without further ado:

Friends, Romans, Countrypeople – lend me your ears! I, the Guardian of this Maze, invite you and your friends to join us for some good-old-fashioned autumnal fun. The Maze will appear to you when our worlds converge, during the weekend that you mortals now call Halloween. At that time, the veil will be lifted, and you may traverse the Maze whenever you please – we’ll be there to stalk – I mean, assist – your journey anytime within those 48 hours. 

I have created this Maze for your enjoyment and edification, with the help of my esteemed colleagues. They will be your Guides, and they have filled the Maze with puzzles and games that will earn you talismans along your path. The Guides bring their own touch and style to the challenges they have created, so you’ll want to get to know them – we’ll introduce ourselves more as we get closer.

You’ll need to go through the Maze with at least one friend, but the more the merrier! I’ll judge your team on the talismans you collect and how long you spend in the Maze, but there’s no need to try to be first, if you don’t want to. Sometimes, the game is reward enough – so how you play is up to you.

The entry price is whatever you will – nothing or millions or everything between – but might I suggest 30 of your dollars for each player, or 100 for each team? And if you pay the 30 dollars, I hear my friends over at Pipeline Theatre Company will give you a charming new mug in appreciation.

Our friends at Pipeline are also helping us speak with you while our worlds are still so far apart – so keep your eye on what they call their “Instagram” – we will be sending you important messages there. And if you’re ready to accept our challenge, just click here, and pledge to join us when the moon again nears full (for you earth-bound folk, that’s October 31 and November 1).

Until that time, I will be unable to talk to you directly – but if you have questions, you can always speak to my Pipeline friends at They’ll do their best to help you out, but keep in mind: only the Guardian knows the secrets of the Maze. I hope you and your friends do decide to join us – we promise it will be delightful and challenging, even if it gets a little dark and, dare I say, earie. 

Now – good night unto you all!

Your Revered and Most Excellent Guardian