Amazing Race

Pipeline’s Amazing Race has gone virtual! In this twist on our live event, Racers can enjoy the challenge of our annual Amazing Race from the comfort of their own homes. Racers can play by themselves, or with friends and family near and far. Both virtual Amazing Races offer a unique online experience in which Racers solve puzzles and play games to complete a journey – whether it’s across our known world, or through a mystical one! See below for more information about each Race, and some useful tips for playing.


AMAZING RACE: HOME EDITION is a virtual scavenger-hunt that takes you on a journey around the world, across cyberspace, and even in your own home! Suitable for 1-8 players, HOME EDITION takes about 3-4.5 hours to complete in one sitting, but can be broken down into four parts – the three main journeys, and your final adventure. Travel all in one day or over a number of weeks – it’s up to you! Click here to play.


AMAZING RACE: THE MAZE is a virtual escape-room that takes you through the Veil between the worlds, and into a Maze created by the Guardian. Players will need to collect enough talismans to earn their way past the Guardian in the end – who isn’t quite what they seem to be. THE MAZE is most satisfyingly played with 2-4 players, but can be played with 1-10. Most Racers will take 2-3.5 hours to navigate the Maze, and it is most enjoyable when played in one sitting – perhaps surrounded by candles, or before the fire! Click here to play.


These Races are pay-what-you-will, which can also mean free! But if you are looking to make a donation, we’re suggesting $30 per player. If you donate $30 or more, you’ll receive a brand-new Pipeline mug (while supplies last)! Please note when donating if you would like to receive a mug. You can make your donation by clicking here to use PayPal (you won’t need to make an account) or by mailing a check to:

Pipeline Theatre Company
PO Box 30156
New York, NY 10011

helpful tips for virtual amazing races

  1. Tools: You will need a device with an internet connection and Facebook Messenger to play either Amazing Race, and a computer, pen, and paper will also be helpful. If you are playing with friends not in your household, we recommend a Zoom screen-share (or a screen-share on another video-chat platform). Remember that only one teammate can operate the Messenger thread! The internet itself should be considered a tool – using it to answer a question is considered within-bounds.
  2. Messenger: Amazing Race takes place predominantly in the Messenger thread, though you will sometimes click on a link that will take you to another website. Even in those cases, all answers will be put into the Messenger thread. A correct answer will automatically move you on – if there isn’t a response after a few moments, you can assume your answer was incorrect. You will also need to enter a code before each answer – “H-” for Home Edition, and “M-” for The Maze. Spelling will also affect the auto-reply, as will extra words, So, for example, if you’re playing The Maze and the answer is “pumpkin”, don’t type “the answer is pumpkin” or “pumpkin!” – neither of these will generate an auto-reply. Simply type “M-pumpkin”, and you’ll advance. You may also be prompted to click “Get Started” when you first start playing – if you are, go ahead and click!  Don’t worry if it doesn’t say “Get Started”, though – it just means Pipeline has sent you a Facebook message before!
  3. Hints and Skip: You will be able to access hints at specific points throughout the Races. If you’re still stuck after viewing the hints and wish to move on, you may utilize the “Skip” feature at any point, which will move you past the challenge.