By Colby Day | Directed by Daniel Johnsen
September 24 – October 8, 2011
The Connelly Theater, 220 E. 4th St, New York, NY

Remember when you were a young, bookish dreamer, growing up during World War II, just waiting for your big chance to fish for cod? Relive that great adventure, with all the love, loss and bright-eyed optimism that it entailed. Fall in love with mermaids, chat with sea monsters, and fight Nazi spies during the greatest play about fishermen in the 1940’s you’ll ever see. Felix & The Diligence tells the very funny story of how difficult it is to grow up without losing your sense of wonder and joy in the world around you.

“One begins to question if this isn’t the most skilled mixture of improv comedy and a straight play around…It makes perfect sense to go out and see the play, well written by Day and well performed by Pipeline’s members, and have a laugh at what makes no sense, but still makes sense.”
– Elise McMullen, Show Business Weekly

“…hysterical, touching, ridiculous, and rewarding…”
– Guy Yedwab, Culture Future

Featuring: Willy Appelman, Samuel Chapin, Fernando Contreras, Glenn Apollo Hergenhahn, Nathaniel Katzman, Meagan Kensil, Katelyn Manfre, Brad Mielke, Benj Mirman, Edward Raube-Wilson, Arielle Siegel, Allison Smith, Nicole Spiezio, and Mike Steinmetz

Produced by Burton T. Frey Jr.
Original Music by Seth Clayton
Stage Managed by Kevin C. Gall
Assistant Directed by Jessika Doyel
Set Design by Andy Yanni
Costume Design by Stacey Juengling
Lighting Design by Erik Olson
Fight Direction by Seth Andrew Bridges
Graphic Design by Evan Twohy