By Tim Chawaga | Directed by Tom Costello
August 28–September 5, 2009
The Wings Theatre, 154 Christopher St, New York, NY


Dan’s mother has just died. Charlie’s girlfriend just broke up with him. And now the two of them are seeing ghosts. In a city as busy and fast-paced as New York, it is easy to feel lost in the crowd. With the ghosts of Alexander Hamilton and Federico Lorca guiding them through New York City’s past, Dan and Charlie try to come to terms with their own.

Featuring: Jenny Donheiser, Rafael Goldstein, Michael Guagno, Maura Hooper, Carl Graham Howell, Meagan Kensil, Eric Krueger, Harry May-Kline, and Alex Mills

Assistant Directed by Nicole Spiezio
Produced by Daniel Johnsen
Stage Managed by Ari Schrier
Set Design by Andy Yanni
Lighting Design by Ian Del Duca
Costume Design by Caitlin Ackerman and Rachel Bagelman
Sound Design by Ned Raube-Wilson

Sleepless City was a part of the Play Partner’s Series at the Wings Theatre.