Monthly Archives: May 2011

Remember Evan Twohy?  And that awesome play he wrote (Freshfaced) that we did as part of Whisper & Shout?  Good! Well Freshfaced will be in the NYC Fringe this year.  But ALSO, another play, Bubble and Squeak, which is part of the same hilarious series, will be produced by Pipeline and part of the Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Short Play Festival this summer!!!!!! Above (on the word LINK) is the link to the awesome and super interesting interview that Samuel French just did with Evan!  Check it OUT

Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival

We like it!  Do you?  (it’s was made by and features many-a-Pipeliner) colbyday: I wrote (and produced) this movie a while ago, and it’s finally almost finished, which means you can finally almost see it! If you “Like” it on Facebook, I promise you’ll be one of the first people to know about it. Other than my parents, who’ve been pestering me about it every day since we wrapped shooting.

I Don’t Want to Kill Myself is now on Facebook!