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and here is what they said… “the show includes singing, sword fighting, sea monsters, sailor mouthes, Nazis, and even Amelia freakin’ Earhart, all on a perfectly constructed ship deck of a stage…Felix & the Diligence is definitely an ensemble piece, with every actor succeeding in bringing to life the detailed nuances and idiosyncrasies of writer Colby Day’s crazy characters. …all the actors give solid performances in this tightly-acted and well-paced play…” TODAY there will be a PAY WHAT YOU CAN performance at 8pm!!!!!!! Come to The Connelly— Felix runs through October 8th. 

All Things Fan Girl saw Felix

“Felix & The Diligence is what is it, a guilty pleasure…great slapstick comedy that triggers boisterous laughter from both genuine pleasure and utter confusion”       -Women Around Town After a wonderful evening of BRAVE NEW WORKS: fourth edition, FELIX is back on stage at The Connelly Theater tonight for a pay-what-you-can performance and runs until October 8th.  GET TICKETS while you still can!!!

Felix is a “Feel Good No-Brainer”