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Who’s Who in Felix & The Diligence

Oh?  You weren’t sure who in the company was involved in Felix???  WELL HERE YOU GO! Written by our VERY OWN Colby Day with ORIGINAL Nautical Tunes by the one-and-only Seth Clayton Directed by all-star Artistic Director, Daniel Johnsen Featuring, some of the most beautiful and talented: Fernando Contreras, Meagan Kensil, Katelyn Manfre, Edward Raube-Wilson, Arielle […]

whisper & SHOUT! night 2

So, last nights one act plays were a huge success: SO funny and heartbreaking and clever and fun!  We had a rockin audience and a really fun evening.  FOR FREE!  But we had a few empty seats that silly people did not come and sit in! MAKE NO MISTAKE TONIGHT! Come to tonight hilarious full-length play reading, by […]

Guest Blogger: Colby on Felix & the Diligence…

GUEST BLOG POST!   Meet Colby Day, writer of Felix & the Diligence, or A Play about Fishermen in the 1940’s, the incredible full-length play featured on the second night of Whisper and Shout!  Here’s what he has to say about it:   10 Biggest Influences in Writing Felix & The Diligence, or: A Play About Fishermen in […]