Guest Blogger: Colby on Felix & the Diligence…


Meet Colby Day, writer of Felix & the Diligence, or A Play about Fishermen in the 1940’s, the incredible full-length play featured on the second night of Whisper and Shout!  Here’s what he has to say about it:  

10 Biggest Influences in Writing Felix & The Diligenceor: A Play About Fishermen in the 1940’s

  1. Tennessee Williams’ Camino Real, which is an absolutely impossible play that failed miserably on Broadway. But it does have a boxer with an enormous heart who falls in love with a gypsy, as well as a cameo from Don Quixote.
  2. This song from Wall-E, that’s actually from Hello Dolly  
  3. This other play that was about Christopher Columbus that I will never admit to ripping off.
  4. This hopefully real dating site for sea captains.
  5. This drawing of Obama riding a narwhal!
  6. The ability to force Daniel to hang out with me whenever I wanted.
  7. The strong desire to absolutely soak a cast and destroy a theater on a nightly basis.
  8. The fact that zero gravity was too hard to represent convincingly on stage. 
  9. The movie Hot Rod.  
  10. Everything Daniel and I are afraid of, which includes but is not limited to: growing up, loneliness, love, happiness, sadness, success, failure, and that commercial fishing might be what killed the mermaids. We’re afraid of a lot of things, okay?

Go see Felix & the Diligence, or A Play About Fishermen in the 1940’s!  

Tuesday March 8th, 8pm, Theater for the New City (155 1st Ave).  
RSVP: [email protected] $10 Suggested donation.