whisper & SHOUT! night 2

So, last nights one act plays were a huge success: SO funny and heartbreaking and clever and fun!  We had a rockin audience and a really fun evening.  FOR FREE!  But we had a few empty seats that silly people did not come and sit in!


Come to tonight hilarious full-length play reading, by Colby Day, directed by Daniel Johnsen!  It’s Felix & the Diligence: A Sea Play about Fishermen in the 1940’s. 


Theater for the New City, 155 1st Avenue, the theater in the back!

Featuring the theatrical stylings of really good actors: Tim Chawaga, Seth Clayton, Fernando Contreras, Ian Day, Alistar Falk, Jessica Frey, Zackary Grady, Meagan Kensil, Katelyn Manfre, Kate Messinger, Brad Mielke, Ned Raube-Wilson, Arielle Siegel, Allison Smith, Mike Steinmetz and Eric Williams

What happens when you take a superstitious Scotsman, a heartbroken former chemist, and a bookish dreamer and give them a blind lookout in the middle of an ocean teeming with Nazi submarines? Death-defying heroism, heart-breaking love stories, and some very confusing commentary on gender politics according to a giant squid.
Meet sea monsters, mermaids, Nazi spies, and Amelia Earhart in this wild adventure story about a boy who just wanted to fish for cod, fall in love, and hopefully save the day. Felix & The Diligence reminds us that everything can be magical at sea, even having your heart broken.