Introducing the PlayLab Class of 2019

The Pipeline PlayLab, a year-long series of monthly meetings and workshops, provides a developmental space for playwrights to turn their biggest, wildest ideas into finished plays. Through an extensive application process, we seek out big dreamers who are taking big risks with their plays, we put them all in a room together, we provide structure and support, and we make magic.

This year, the Pipeline artistic team received applications from about 225 playwrights. We then selected 7 outstanding artists to be in residence with us through June 2019. It is with great admiration and excitement that we now introduce our sixth PlayLab class:


Skylar Fox is a playwright/director who makes big, weird, funny/sad plays about the feelings that scare and comfort him at the same time. He also likes to make up dances. Simon Henriques makes strange, funny, sad plays about the stories we turn our lives into as we’re living them.

About the Project: Part play, part participatory focus group, part collective fever dream, Society explores what happens when the silent contracts we make with one another are pushed to extremes. Learn More


When Bees Last Whispered

Sevan K. Greene is an experienced polyglot refugee enculturated in the South with a penchance for being an actor, telling stories about things no one thinks about, and annually watching the extended LOTR films in one sitting.

About the Project: A world-wide one-child policy. A couple expecting twins. A future where the planet is about to collapse. An angel just fell from the sky. And why won’t the bees shut the hell up? Learn More



Sukari Jones writes raw, unflinchingly real stories that are also somehow highly imaginative and otherworldly.

About the Project: Whimsical and terrifying journey into a parallel reality, courtesy of Evil Dr. Excellent: racism is reversed and white people were the slaves. Learn More




Sam Schanwald is a writer and designer who sometimes performs.

About the Project: COOP probes isolation and hunger through a human child’s relationship with his infertile pet chicken. Learn More



The River Becomes a Family

Andrew Siañez-De La O is a Chicanx playwright from El Paso, Texas. His work has focused on the people and politics of the American southwest and the Latinx diaspora.

About the Project: The Ortiz siblings Andrea and Mateo must discover the forgotten history of their family tree in order to repay an old debt to an ancient Aztec god. Learn More



Let’s Hex The President

Kristin Slaney is a playwright/ screenwriter/ singer-songwriter originally from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

About the Project: A coven assembled via Craigslist ad meets monthly to cast spells on the President of the United States– but what starts out as innocuous soon takes a turn for the supernatural. Learn More