Speaking of that Yoga….

When: January 16th, 2011, 3-4pm!

Want to get bendy, happy, and strong? 
(pause until you acknowledge you definitely want all these things)
Thought so.

Come take Pipeline company member, Marian’s class- you might even fall in love. “Anyone who says they don’t want to come because they ‘don’t like yoga’, ‘hate yoga’, ‘are not a yoga person’, ’ are not flexible’—have clearly never taken my class. 

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SHOW UP- leave the magic to me. 

ALSO- anyone who is going to text me moments before saying they are hungover— that is lame (also i made it 3pm so you can get your 2011 ass in gear and get it together!)

What you need: A mat, and comfortable clothes. And an open heart and mind….just kidding- that is not required just helpful!

I have a fun class geared to KICK YOUR ASS— but your ass will thank you later I promise…and then you in turn will thank me. 

Buddy system- bring a friend it’ll help you commit 🙂
RSVP so I know how big of a space to book! 
Email me at [email protected] 

$10 dollars. (The price of one cocktail- hello new yrs resolution people). AMAZING DEAL. Less crowded and less smelly then Yoga to the People and smaller class size (just in case you don’t love someone’s foot in your face!)

See you there!”

More about the AWESOME Marian:

 Having recently completed her 200 hour yoga teaching certification, she is excited to teach and support people who already have a consistent yoga practice, as well as encourage people who don’t, to begin their journey. With a background in dance, a BFA from Tisch in theater, and a passion for comedy, Marian’s classes are geared to push your physically as well as to break mental patterns and habits that hinder us not only while we do yoga but during our lives. She encourages students to find a balance between high intensity and complete relaxation, remembering that we cannot attain one without the other. If we can commit to these challenges in a yoga class, where we are safe, surrounded by other people with similar goals and a teacher to guide us, we will eventually see the benefits transcend into our daily lives. Her classes are geared to people of all ages and abilities. It is not just about our external superficial abilities, as it is more about learning to make the mind flexible and strong.