Art in the Convent

A few days ago, Pipeline had a photo shoot (followed by a rehearsal) for The Caucasian Chalk Circle, at St. Cecilia’s Church and Convent in Brooklyn.  The photographer is the incredible Suzi Sadler!  She also has done promo pics for Psycho Beach Party, Fat Kids on Fire and Shakespeare the Dead. 

St. Cecilia’s is an amazing parish that is celebrating its 125th anniversary.  There is a school, convent, church that has started sharing the old school space with local artists.  Before we started rehearsal, Father James Krische came in and told us the story of the church and how, with changing demographics, they just had too much space.  They wanted to sell!  But then, the market tanked, and they were left maintaing too much property… 

It has become a space for visual artists, bands, theatre groups, and even photo and film & television shoots.  There have been live performances and concerts too!   Check out this cool article about it from the Greenpoint Gazette.