Meet Ahron Foster

Pipeline is taking its first full official company photo this week, and has been part of an ongoing project by Ahron Foster.  We did a little interview with his last week so you could get to know more about him, and the project at large! 

Who are you?

My name is Ahron Foster.  I’m a New York City based photographer specializing in portraiture, and even more specifically music photography.  I provide artists and labels with live, location and studio imagery.  Whether it be highly art directed location shoots or simple, clean studio portraits, I try to provide my clients with everything they need to promote themselves.
How did you get started in photography?
Growing up in Rochester, NY, Kodak was everything  and everywhere.  My family would take me to visit the George Eastman House & Museum frequently.  I still go when I visit home.  In the back of the original museum, there was a collection of cameras and displays on the history of photography.  I was always so drawn to it.  I think my aunt gave me a Polaroid camera when I was about 10 or 11.  My dad got me a point and shoot film camera at about 13.  In high school, I took a couple of years of photography classes and got my first “real” camera, a Pentax K-1000.  I had an amazing supportive teacher and those years solidified my love for the lens. 
Who and what inspires you?
Talent, passion, professionalism.  Watching artists perform is a great pleasure and source of inspiration.  To capture a moment where an artist is at their best is an honor.  And, Danny Clinch is awesome!
So, you usually do music photography, what are you doing collaborating with a theater company?
Photography is a second career for me.  I was an actor in a former life.  I dedicated my younger years to the theater.  I studied at the Atlantic Theater when I was finishing my BFA in Acting at NYU. For seven years and with two theater companies, I performed in New York before deciding to pursue photography professionally.  I was always in touch with staff and students from Atlantic and ended up shooting some of their student productions, which has now grown into shooting most of their educational programs.
What exactly is this “project” you are working on with Pipeline?
I’m embedding myself with Pipeline for their 2011-2012 season. I hope to document as much as possible behind the scenes and on/off stage as well as capture some beautiful portraits of this amazing ensemble.  It all ready feels like a great project.
How did you first hear about Pipeline, and what made you want to get involved with us?
I was lucky enough to be in a production of “The Three Sisters” directed by Anya Saffir, who I studied at Atlantic with and had a theater company with.  Also, I had photographed many of Pipeline as students at Atlantic under her direction.  I knew they had started a company, but had not stayed connected or seen any of the work.

After being brought in, by director Anya Saffir, to photograph a dress rehearsal of “The Caucasian Chalk Circle,” I was sold.  The energy of the group was palpable.  There was a symbiosis that I hadn’t experienced in many years.  I was instantly inspired, and the show hadn’t even started.  Well, after that I spoke briefly to company member, and Chalk Circle producer, Arielle Siegal about wanting to work with the group and maybe do some portraits.  After Chalk Circle finished up, I was able to sit down with Artistic Director Daniel Johnsen.  We had a great meeting and I asked him if he & the company would be interested in having me document Pipeline’s 3rd season.  The rest will be Pipeline history!

Check out Ahron’s work on his website!!!