Neds in a Show!

Apologies, this is a little late coming… but there’s ONE PERFORMANCE LEFT!

Turtleback High
Part of the BoCoCa Arts Festival

Who killed the Turtleback Turtles?!

That’s the central question surrounding Kevin Dedes’ new play, Turtleback High. Directed by Jay Marks, this ‘mysteriously absurd trip through the modern American experience’ unfolds as a well-intentioned teacher does his best to deal with a terrible torticide and its after effects on campus.

***Fun fact: Ned dons a Turtle Costume and gets chased around the stage by a Russian with a knife.  How many languages can you say “must see” in?***

The last performance of this crazy show is this  Friday, June 24th, at 6:30pm.  Get yer tickets, while you can!

30 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(Close to the Atlantic-Pacific stop in Brooklyn)