That wild and crazy picture is Meagan from CheeseHeadFlowerChild! She is also in Felix & The Dil

That wild and crazy picture is Meagan from CheeseHeadFlowerChild! She is also in Felix & The Diligence, one of our company members AND an artist in HUNG UP!  she is a busy bee 🙂

Q:   What medium of art do you work with and why?

A:  I think my medium is arts and crafts… I love working with fabrics, paint, glue, thread, dyes, buttons, markers, colored pencils, and stickers! I’m definitely most comfortable with a needle and thread. I’m also a chronic doodler, which is where the inspiration for my blog came from, which is what led me to make this piece! I’ve been working purely digitally for my blog with photos and the PC program, Paint, or on my Mac, Pixen. Coloring or creating on top of photos is something I’ve always done every once in a while, but now I’ve decided to make a habit of it! This piece came from me asking myself, what if I did something in the vein of my blog, but did it 3D?

 Q:   What is the strongest influence on your work?

A:  The absolute strongest influence? Silly ideas.

Q:   How did you first discover your artistic abilities?

A:  As a girl I was (and still am) obsessed with clothes. When my favorite shirt got too small, I would cut it up and sew it back together with something else. My mom enrolled me in a sewing course and at some point I got into a habit of embroidering whatever pictures I could imagine onto clothes for myself or family or friends. In college they were always asking us, why do you want to be an actor? I realized that I wanted to wake up people’s imaginations, no matter what age they were. When I realized that that could reach beyond theater, I found myself going back to a lot of creative hobbies from my childhood.

 Q:   Draw me your best giant squid, NOW!

A:  Ok.  Here!

 Q:   What was your most recent adventure?

A:  I went to Ireland this summer with my family. That’s where the photo in my piece is from (the cliffs of Moher!). My sister and brother and I took a walk along the ocean on all these seaweedy rocks in Enishcrone where we were staying with family. I led them across and promised to keep them safe since I’m the oldest (but also the smallest now). No one got hurt except me – I slipped! I got a little too confident. But then I helped them across! Then my sister collected seashells and my brother took pictures of me trying to wash them for her in the breaking waves without getting wet. They would laugh at me if they read this – but that whole walk was so exciting and I was so happy. It was so good to reunite with my original childhood accomplices now that we are all older.