Company Spotlight: GENTLEMEN PARTY

Brave New Works: Sixth Edition (Tuesday, June 11 @ CAP 21) will feature original work from eight emerging downtown theater companies. Twice a week we’ll use these spotlights to tell you a little bit more about our participating companies. This will be Gentlemen Party’s first appearance in the Brave New Works series.

gp-updatedFounded in September 2010, Gentlemen Party specializes in improv, live and video sketch, hobnobbing, glad-handing and roughhousing. They also offer advice on gentlemanly behavior. They have appeared at the People’s Improv Theater (the PIT), Comedy Bar NYC, and the Providence Improv Fest.

Gentlemen Party’s members include Billy Domineau, Andrew Farmer, Spencer Novich, Nick Packard, and Mike Spence.

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60803_126344600751598_7999545_nGentlemen Party, 2010