Company Spotlight: THE IN-BETWEEN PEOPLE

Brave New Works: Sixth Edition (Tuesday, June 11 @ CAP 21) will feature original work from eight emerging downtown theater companies. Twice a week we’ll use these spotlights to tell you a little bit more about our participating companies. This will be The In-Between People’s second appearance in the Brave New Works series.


The In-Between People began just like many great ideas do, over late night conversations with friends, family, and like-minded peers. It also began with a challenge – to prove that one person, when in the presence of another, has the innate ability to affect the other.

Founded on the belief that we each carry this potential to affect each other in the most spectacular and wonderful ways, The In-Between People uses the power of performance to look at some of life’s biggest questions, diving deep into life’s most precious moments, and unlocking the beauty within them.

They believe:

– everyone is inherently creative.
– in approaching their work through a positive lens.
– in the power of space.
– in activating the imagination.
– in celebrating community through outreach.
– in the artistry that is life.

The company is comprised entirely of creative people with creative pursuits. Their members include Nikki McCardell, Ashley Ann Pagano, Kyle Stockwell, and Andy Yanni.

The-Giving,-2008The In-Between People, The Giving, 2008