Be Our First Ever Mystery Artist!

In May 2016, Pipeline will present our first ever Big Mystery Show. This program will provide a dedicated space for devised theater artists in the Pipeline season.

We are currently seeking an artist or group of artists with a very big idea who is interested in partnering with Pipeline to bring their idea to life for one night only. The artist will be selected in September, production planning will begin immediately, rehearsals will be throughout April, and the final performance will be in May. The identity of the artist will not be revealed until 2 weeks before the performance. This mystery element will aid us in creating an utterly unique performance event for both our artists and our audiences – an electric experience infused with wonder and joy.

The big idea should include the opportunity to use space in unconventional ways, should create a complete audience experience, should combine artistic disciplines, and should be in line with Pipeline’s vision. Beyond that…it could be anything. Individuals from diverse artistic, educational, and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


We believe that an unbridled imagination is a force of magic with the power to provoke a more courageous and compassionate world. Visit our about page to learn more.

To Apply

To be considered, please send resume, writing sample, and statement of interest to [email protected] by July 15, 2015. Please use the subject line: 2016 Mystery Artist Submission (be sure to name your file in the following format: [LASTNAME_Mystery2016]).

Statement should not exceed 3 pages and should be written in Calibri size 12 font. The statement should include the following information:

  • THE BIG IDEA: Please provide an overview of your big idea.
  • WHY PIPELINE: Please provide an explanation of why you are specifically interested in working with Pipeline on this project and in this format.
  • TEAM: Please provide a list of all other individuals involved in this big idea. This can either be specific individuals you are interested in working with and their role in the project OR a list of positions that will need to be filled. IE – costume designer, composer, accompanist, director, etc.
  • USE OF SPACE: Please provide a description of your ideal venue. This can either be a specific venue or (in the case that you don’t have a specific venue in mind) a description of your dream venue. Please also provide a description of how this space will be used in your big idea.
  • AUDIENCE: Please describe your target audience for this big idea and their role in your big idea. How will this project impact your audience? How will they be involved in the actual performance? How will their experience of your project be unique?


Email Colby Day, manager of artistic development, or Ari Schrier, artistic director.

The Mystery Artist will be notified of his/her/their selection by September 15, 2015.