Big News! Your Impact Just Doubled

We just got some very big, very exciting news. A generous anonymous donor has pledged to match every donation made to Pipeline this holiday season, up to $10,000. Earlier today, we announced that we’re working to raise $20,000 by December 31, 2017. That goal suddenly feels so miraculously within our reach, but we need your help to get there!


This means every dollar donated between now and December 31 has double the impact. Donate $5, we get $10. Donate $10, we get $20. Donate $500, we get $1,000! You get it. There’s no better moment to join the Pipeline family and help us bring our artists dreams roaring into reality. Click here to explore the extraordinary perks of giving, and here to make a fully tax-deductible donation.

Hop on board today and join us in building a theater where no dream is too big.


Photo by Suzi Sadler from the 2017 Gala.