Spotlight on Annie Tippe

The music for our upcoming world premiere musical, Folk Wandering, was composed collaboratively by nine emerging singer songwriters. In advance of our first performance on February 23, we’ll be sharing interviews with each of these composers, as well as with many of the key artists involved in the production. These conversations will bring you inside this show’s very unique process of creation, and bring you a bit closer to this brilliant and wild group of emerging artists. Today, we are pleased to bring you a spotlight on composer Annie Tippe.

Read the full interview below and get your tickets at the highly limited pre-sale rate (while supplies last!) today!

Annie-TippePipeline Theatre Company: How do you identify as an artist?
Annie Tippe: Director (with compulsion for singing).

PTC: How did you come to work on Folk Wandering?
AT: Wow. Great question. I just remember being in a room with many of my best friends, and it’s hard to remember how I got there. But likely by the good graces of Andrew Neisler, who has a remarkable knack for gathering like-minded souls into the same room for the pure sake of joy and experimentation. And he knew I had a compulsion for making up songs on the spot, whether anyone wanted to hear them or not.

PTC: What has been exciting to you about working with so many collaborators?
AT: Song writing is something I have only done with Folk Wandering. I have only ever known song writing with multiple composers. So I am always thrilled to write with the group, because we act like puzzle pieces for each other. Sometimes the wrong fit or the clash in styles can produce something really exciting. And sometimes you’re paired with someone who perfectly compliments you. And there’s a kismet in knowing, only through this collaboration could we have come up with this special something. There’s also just a ton of wild talent and skill on the composing team. I learn something new every day. (I learned the term “Ostinato” the other day! Never stop learning!)

PTC: What other projects do you have coming up?
AT: I am working with a lot of special artists in the coming months. With Rachel Chavkin, I will be co-directing a new piece by James Monaco and Jerome Ellis called MUSEUM: Lecture, which goes up in January as part of the Exponential Festival. And I am continuing to develop new music theater stuff with Jeanna Philips and Molly Beach Murphy. Our show Cowboy Bob will be developed further at the Polyphony Festival in Philadelphia. Later next spring, I will be directing a premiere of a new Leslye Headland play in LA. Lots of work to chew on, all with exciting music elements!

Folk Wandering begins preview performances on February 23, opens on March 4, and runs through March 18. Tickets are now available to all performances at a highly limited pre-sale rate. Get your tickets today!