Spotlight on Jordan Tyson

Over fifty ferociously imaginative emerging artists are working together to bring our world premiere of Folk Wandering roaring into reality. Throughout the run of the show (until March 25!), we’ll be sharing interviews with each of these artists. These conversations will bring you inside this show’s very unique process of creation, and bring you a bit closer to this brilliant and wild group of emerging artists. Today, we are pleased to bring you a spotlight on Jordan Tyson, who plays the role of Alma.

Read the full interview below and get your tickets to performances February 23 – March 25 today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: What first attracted you to Folk Wandering? What made you want to work on this project?
Jordan Tyson: Folk Wandering attracted me with its evident dedication to making sure women’s voices are heard clearly and genuinely. There are so many incredible women who are written into the work, and I feel that this aligns with my personal purpose in art.

PTC: What aspect of the Folk Wandering story do you most relate to?
JT: I relate most to the idea that young women, both voluntarily and involuntarily, accept certain burdens in order to ensure less struggle for others. Oftentimes, we aren’t even aware that we are doing so until we are clued in by outsiders or look at things in retrospect. Entire families and societies are carried on our backs, every day.  I feel this intensely in Folk Wandering.

PTC: If you were to write a tagline for Folk Wandering, what would it be?
JT: Just… Love every thing and one abundantly while we are still here.

PTC: What big dreams have you been chasing recently (or would you like to chase)?
JT: It may seem sorta general, but I have been chasing the dream of serving my purpose, which I believe is to ensure young people see themselves in the world around them— the effort towards it is comprised of manifesting kindness and facing my fear of judgement.

PTC: Two truths and a lie, go:
JT: My favorite drink is an earl grey tea latte a la almond milk. My favorite place to be in the world is Venice, Italy. I made my theatre debut as a spoon in Beauty and the Beast.

PTC: Tell us about your character in Folk Wandering.
JT: My character, Alma, is an incredible seven year old. She faces trials most adults wouldn’t understand how to navigate. Despite this, she meets situations and people with earnest curiosity and altruism.

Folk Wandering is currently in previews and officially opens on March 4, running through March 25. Tickets are now available to all performances. Get your tickets today!