Exciting Developments in Our Leadership Team

At Pipeline, the art and the artists are our top priority. As a company dedicated to bringing to life the biggest, most impossible dreams of our emerging artist community, we’re turning our focus to growing our capacity over the next few months in order to foster sustainable, long-term growth. Toward that end, we are pleased to announce an exciting development in our leadership structure, which will greatly enhance support both for our artists and the business we’re building to support them.

We are overjoyed to announce that Natalie Gershtein, Producing Director since 2015, is now Producing Artistic Director. Natalie joins Ari Schrier, Artistic Director, as the two primary artistic leaders of the company.

This shift enables Ari to focus her leadership on building relationships with artists, curation, and supporting artistic development. Nat will partner with Ari on these endeavors while continuing to produce all mainstage productions and grow the business with a new third leader, whose primary focus will be on fundraising and marketing. Today, we are thrilled to begin the search for a Managing Director. Click here to learn more and apply.

Together, the three leaders will exist on a spectrum from art to business: Ari on the artistic side, our new Managing Director on the business side, and Nat forming a bridge between the two in her new role as Producing Artistic Director.

The addition of a Managing Director is a huge milestone for Pipeline and will be the second part-time salaried staff position for our growing company. This expanded leadership team will be supported by Pipeline’s remarkable volunteer staff which includes: Kristy Bodall, Director of Production; Tom Costello, Associate Artistic Director; Laura Been, General Manager; Philip Santos Schaffer, Literary & Community Manager; Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Artistic Development Manager; and Mia Hull, Artistic Intern.