Spotlight on Cristina Pitter: Our body is rocked with the resilience and brilliance of black people and black music

With just over two weeks to go before our first performance of Playing Hot, we’re pleased to continue introducing you to all the incredible artists who are bringing you to life. Today we’re profiling Cristina Pitter, interdisciplinary artist and storyteller, Pipeline ensemble member, and Playing Hot cast member. Learn more about Cristina below and grab your tickets to Playing Hot today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: Why are you working on this project?

Cristina Pitter: Playing Hot is wild and ridiculous experience that I have been in love with since it’s first workshop in 2016, so naturally I had to make sure I was in the full production. To be in a space with a team that has so much joy, love, and boundless imagination is a beautiful gift.

PTC: Tell us about what this journey has been like for you.

CP: Playing Hot is a show that I will never be tired of doing. Until my knees give out of course. It has been a beautiful journey of hilarious antics, growing friendships, and an astounding drive to make the impossible happen. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Playing Hot since its first showing and want all the glorious life for it’s future.

PTC: What is most exciting to you about being part of Playing Hot?

CP: I’m thrilled at the opportunity to bring to life such a unique piece of theatre that is both thrilling and heartbreaking, while honoring the spirit of New Orleans and jazz.

PTC: What do you want the folks reading this to know about Playing Hot?

CP: What strikes me most about Playing Hot is the passionate standard of authenticity that is upheld in every aspect of this production. Messy truths of history and modern day are reckoned with while our body is rocked with the resilience and brilliance of black people and black music.

PTC: Talk to us about jazz. What’s your relationship to the music?

CP: Growing up, I was blessed to always have all kinds of music around me so jazz was as much of a mainstay as salsa, house, hip hop, rock, and classical music. Jazz has always moved me on a soul level, but not that Kenny G shit. I’m talking Ella, Miles, Duke, Billie, Sarah Vaugh. And to see the influence of jazz in so many other musical genres is incredible.

Following a residency with Mabou Mines SUITE/Space, Cristina Pitter is currently working with The Ashè Collective on her solo show “decolonizing my vagina.” You can follow her on Instagram at @lavidbrujeria and on Twitter at @lavidagypsy. And you can catch her in Playing Hot, April 18 – May 12. Grad you tickets today!