Spotlight on Jim Petty: I think the music is going to speak for itself

With Playing Hot off and running, we’re excited to continue to introduce you to the incredible team of artists who have made this all possible. Today we introduce Jim Petty who, together with the whole team at Five OHM Productions, is making the incredible sound of Playing Hot possible. Learn more about Jim below and snatch up those Playing Hot tickets today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: Why are you working on this project? 

Jim Petty: I designed a few musicals last year with both Pipeline and Jaki Bradley so I am very excited to be working with them again and to be a part of this team. 

PTC: What is most exciting to you about being part of Playing Hot?

JP: The show is about the birth of jazz in New Orleans! How can you not be excited about that? 

PTC: What type of design do you do? What initially drew you to it?

JP: I do sound design. I have always been involved with sound in one way or another. Many years ago my wife brought me to see my first Broadway musical and I thought that this was something I would enjoy doing. 

PTC: Talk to us about jazz. What’s your relationship to the music?

JP: I got into jazz through hip hop, deejaying and discovering samples. As I started to make my own sample based music I was buying all the jazz records I could find. My approach to music lately is heavily influenced by jazz improvisation.

PTC: What has been your approach to bringing New Orleans to Midtown New York? What elements have been important to you to focus on?

JP: I think the music is going to speak for itself. My focus is to bring a little voodoo magic to enhance the soundscape.