Claire Rothrock: This is why Pipeline is so unique, they specialize in “Yes!”

As an emerging artist, the most difficult thing to find is a place where people will tell you “Yes.” It seems like a simple thing, a quick answer; but it’s often tricky to come by, especially in the theater. This is what artists are searching for, people who can enthusiastically say, “Yes!”

But yes is hard. And look, we get it, the reasons for “No” are plentiful: You’re too green! It’s too weird! There are too many actors! It’s too expensive! We don’t have the Budget! There are too many writers! Scaffolding? In a Church?! Too many wigs! And on, and on, and on…

This is why Pipeline is so unique, they specialize in “Yes!” From their PlayLab series where they champion new writers, to their ambitious main stage productions where they challenge the notion of what a young company is capable of, they are constantly and unabashedly in the business of saying, “YES”.

And this has meant they have helped launch and championed the careers of so many exciting artists. They make it possible for writers, actors, designers, directors, and musicians to dream and take risks and ask for horns to be sewn into the costumes or a New Orleans-style second line to lead the audience to the show. Pipeline says “Yes” because they believe in artists and they believe that great art happens when you take a risk together and jump in.

“Yes” is a gift and one that I know Pipeline wants to keep offering. For that reason, I hope you will also say “Yes” to Pipeline by donating to their campaign. I can tell you that your donation will go towards creating something that you’d never thought possible. You’ll be helping Pipeline say “Yes” to many more artists and that is pure theater magic.

Claire Rothrock
Pipeline Ensemble Member



Top Photo by Kristin Goehring
Bottom Photo by Suzi Sadler, “Clown Bar” (2015)