Company Spotlight: MORGAN GOULD & FRIENDS

Brave New Works: Sixth Edition (Tuesday, June 11 @ CAP 21) will feature original work from eight emerging downtown theater companies. Twice a week we’ll use these spotlights to tell you a little bit more about our participating companies. This will be Morgan Gould & Friends’ first appearance in our Brave New Works series.

Morgan Gould & Friends formed in March 2012 because Ronan Babbitt, Amir Wachterman, Tom Pecinka, Chris Geary, Adam Blodgett, Anna O’Donoghue, Ryan Seelig, Chris Barlow & Morgan Gould like to make funny plays that aren’t boring. In the year that they have been performing together they have presented five productions: SHREK: An Adaption at the Living Theater; Weight of the World at the Brooklyn Lyceum; Losing Tom Pecinka at HERE Arts Center; Girl with the Honey Bee Eyes at Scott Adkins/Erin Courtney’s Backyard ChoChiqq BBQ; and This Body at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange.


Part of Ars Nova’s ANT FEST
June 20 @ 7PM | $15
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