Company Spotlight: UglyRhino Productions

Brave New Works: Sixth Edition (Tuesday, June 11 @ CAP 21) will feature original work from eight emerging downtown theater companies. Twice a week we’ll use these spotlights to tell you a little bit more about our participating companies. This will be UglyRhino’s second appearance in our Brave New Works series.

UglyRhino-BorderUglyRhino produces theater, concerts and parties, as well as micro-seasons showcasing all three. Each micro-season centers on two mainstage plays which are the heart of a larger artistic celebration that provides audiences with a variety of events on any given evening.

UglyRhino’s residency at The Brooklyn Lyceum, a 10,000 square foot warehouse, allows for dynamic and non-traditional performance opportunities, as well as for large audiences of wide demographics.

UglyRhino is a new way to experience theater. Expanding on their high quality productions, they integrate dynamic arts programming ranging from emerging musicians to warehouse parties. UglyRhino curates affordable evenings with a social atmosphere that captures the inimitable spirit of Brooklyn.

The UglyRhino staff includes Nicole Rosner, Danny Sharron, Bryce Norbitz, Anna Perczak, Catherine DiGirolamo, and Chloe Brown.

UglyRhino-BNWUglyRhino Productions, Brave New Works, 2012