Meet Our 39 Participating Artists


On Sunday, November 10, at 8:30PM 39 stupendous artists representing 7 theater companies will come together to present a line up of bold, brand new, never before seen short works.

Brave New Works: Seventh Edition  will take place at the Gym at Judson on the set of BYUIOO. Reserve your seat today by emailing [email protected].

WRITERS: Aggrocrag, Becky Byers, Dominic Finocchiaro, Colby Day, Matt Davis, Jamie McGonagill, Dan Moyer, Teddy Nicholas

DIRECTORS: Becky Byers, Tom Costello, Jon Herman, Dan Moyer, Teddy Nicholas, Danny Sharon

PERFORMERS: Justin Bernegger, Ray Campbell, Ben Caplan, Peter Caporal, Leah Christine, Greg Coughlin, Sol Crespo, Finn Cutler, Grace Denoncourt, Allison Frasca, Aja Houston, Emily Hartford, Austin Hohnke, Carl Holder, Lena Hudson, Adrienne Ianniciello, Dylan Kammerer, James B. Kennedy, Nathaniel Kent, Kate Manfre, Emma Miller, Karsten Otto, Chester Poon, Mike Puckett, Max Reuben, August Schulenberg, Harrison Unger, Anya Whelan-Smith.