Byuioo is “one-of-a-kind”

The reviews for Byuioo are continuing to pour in, and critics across the board love the folk gospel army. See what Maxamoo and Theater Pizzazz are saying…

Maxamoo says:

“The 360-degree stage and the live band–led by playwright Nate Weida–enhance the energy and kookiness of this one-of-a-kind musical.”

“Despite its silly nature, this musical gushes with palpable emotion…BYUIOO is brought to life by an animated cast, along with vibrant, eclectic, folk gospel tunes.”

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Theater Pizzazz says:

“An energetic and imaginative tale inhabited by a gung-ho cast of uninhibited young performers.”

“…a hybrid of Lord of the Flies and The Jungle Book…a musical in a long line of ‘tribal’ musicals like Hair, Godspell, Celebration”

“…the story line unravels with uninhibited energy.”

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