Introducing the PlayLab Class of 2016

Through a year-long series of monthly meetings, the Pipeline PlayLab serves as a workshop for playwrights to build new plays with constructive feedback from other playwrights, directors, and the artistic staff of Pipeline. These 8 outstanding artists will be in residence with the PlayLab through July 2016.

Barbot, Matthew

Matthew Barbot

Princess Clara of Loisaida

About Matt: The Village Voice once called Matt “occasionally witty.”

About the Project: When José finds out the fairy tales he’s been telling his little sister, Clara, might be true he is forced to fight a magical battle for her destiny. More


Browne, JenJen Browne

Hags, Mopes and the End of All Existence

About Jen: Jen Browne is a Brooklyn based playwright and actor with a major affinity for big magical ideas.

About the Project: Hags and Mopes have been married a long time, too long, so maybe it’s not so bad there’s a comet heading straight toward them, the end is finally near. More



Femia, GinaGina Femia

The Mermaid Parade

About Gina: Gina explores big ideas through intimate stories and dreams on a daily basis.

About the Project: Islande thinks there’s a mermaid in Coney Island but Biron, recently deployed to Iraq, is not so sure. More



Hardy, ReinaReina Hardy

The Puppet Show

About Reina: Reina writes plays that usually contain magic, and sometimes contain science.

About the Project: The Puppet Show is a play about saving the world through children’s television, containing two actors and many, many puppets. More



Rice, Jacob MarxJacob Marx Rice

Untitled Egg Play

About Jacob: Jacob writes plays about all the ways human beings fail. Usually they’re comedies. But people always end up crying.

About the Project: Nicole is trying to unboil an egg. And not fall in love. And stop thinking about Allie. And get Humpty Dumpty to leave her alone. More


Prescod, DonaldoDonaldo Prescod

The Great Porn Caper

About Donaldo: Donaldo is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and producer. First generation American, his family is from Panama.

About the Project: The Great Porn Caper is a high octane comedy about Tesla, Edison, and inadvertently the porn industry. More


Stout, CallanCallan Stout

Untitled Outer Space Religion Play

About Callan: Callan is a playwright. She enjoys writing, reading, Scottish Country dancing & traveling. She hopes to one day be a very old playwright. She does not want to be mummified.

About the Project: Untitled Outer Space Religion Play is about a young woman confronting the religion she no longer believes and committing the ultimate expression of faith: self-mummification. More


Witting, AmyAmy E. Witting

Eleven Shades of Blue

About Amy: The first readings of Amy’s plays take place in her apartment over lasagna and that’s where she believes the magic happens.

About the Project: Four women from different times touch the sky, swim with the fish, and experience the details of a timeless Coney Island. More