Introducing the PlayLab Class of 2017

The Pipeline PlayLab, a year-long series of monthly meetings and events, provides a developmental space for playwrights to turn their biggest, wildest ideas into finished plays. Through an extensive application process, we seek out big dreamers who are taking big risks with their plays, we put them all in a room together, we provide structure and support, and we make magic together.

This year, the Pipeline artistic team received applications from over 125 playwrights. We then selected 6 outstanding artists to be in residence with us through June 2017. It is with great admiration and excitement that we now introduce our fourth PlayLab class:

Christopher squareJ. JULIAN CHRISTOPHER
Bruise & Thorn

J. Julian Christopher is an internationally produced playwright exploring Queer subculture, egg whites, ostrich, and bellies — none of which are mutually exclusive.

About the Project: Bruise & Thorn is about a gender fluid teen and their gay brother surviving life in Jamaica, Queens. More



Ditty SquareA.J. DITTY
The Heart of Duckness

A.J. Ditty is an actor/writer/slash-mark enthusiast currently living in Queens.

About the Project: It’s the Berlin Conference of 1884, the colonial powers of Europe are meeting to divide Africa amongst themselves, but every character is a duck, and we’re all corkscrewed. More



The Holdfolk

Taylor Edelhart makes new plays that deal with the sinister, the power of objects, and the intersection between theatre and games.

About the Project: The Holdfolk is a play about a family of magical creatures who live inside massive rocks scattered throughout the [insert nation here] countryside. It’s also about what happens to any community that mainstream society has gone out of its way to define and then to ignore. More


The Troll King Rules

Aeneas Sagar Hemphill is a human being with a bleeding heart and a dangerous mind.

About the Project: The Troll King Rules, the second play of the Troll King Trilogy, will move on from high school and gaming to adulthood and social media, where online and real lives merge and clash in the eternal war between trolls and social justice warriors. More




Francesca Pazniokas is a writer and musician whose work has been produced and developed in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, London and Melbourne.

About the Project: A taxidermist trains a mysterious child to be his protégé in Wunderkammer–a play about the thin line between human and animal, and life and death. More




Charly Evon Simpson is a playwright and performer who spends her free time running, reading, drinking wine, and hanging out with her dog, George.

About the Project: This currently untitled project is about Aurora, her mother, a lost dog, and what happens when someone goes home again. It is about ghosts and memory and a pair of rocking chairs on a porch. More