Spotlight on Hajnal

k05a8878Hajnal K. Pivnick is making her Pipeline debut this February on violin as part of our Beardo band! Hajnal is a Hungarian-American violinist and was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She advocates the performance and promotion of music written in the 20th and 21st century, and works extensively as an educator and arts administrator. She is co-founder of Tenth Intervention, a collective of musicians that presents new music in New York City. Learn more about Hajnal in our interview below and grab those Beardo tickets here!

Pipeline Theatre Company: What attracted you to Beardo? What made you want to work on this project?

Hajnal K. Pivnick: I’ve known Ari for a few years, and have followed Pipeline and their past productions. I’m always blown away by the concepts of the productions, and of course getting a chance to play a Dave Malloy score is exciting on it’s own!

PTC: If you ruled the world, what would you be remembered for?

HKP: Getting people to go back to using paper planners.

PTC: Why should someone who has no connection to this show or its artists come see the show?

HKP: The music, the unconventional space, and it’s a show about RASPUTIN.

PTC: If you could create a tagline for this show, what would it be?

HKP: BEARDO: mystic IRL, or BEARDO: a poison troika