Spotlight on Sam

sammykbwwebSam Kulik is making his Pipeline debut this February as guitarist and conductor for the Beardo band. Sam has been making creative music and theater in New York City since 2004. His recent recording The Broadcast is his own play-by-play commentary of a complete baseball game set to original music and released as a collectible set of baseball cards. Another artistic highlight was his collaboration with the band Talibam! on an opera/recording/comic book about Atlantis, sex, and environmental catastrophe. Other theater collaborations include work with Normandy Sherwood, Cesar Alvarez, Cynthia Hopkins, the Talking Band, and Banana Bag & Bodice. Learn more about Sam in our interview below, and grab your Beardo pre-sale tickets today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: What name do you go by?

Sam Kulik: I’ve always been a Sam, though it says Samuel on my birth certificate. The name honors my great-grandfather Samuel Dix Brown, who married my great-grandmother Kate Ronan after she was widowed by a baseball accident. Her first husband was killed while catching for the local team, so without baseball not only would I never have been born, I’d have probably also chosen not to stick around long if I had been (I love baseball).

PTC: What attracted you to Beardo? What made you want to work on this project?

SK: I worked with Jason and Dave on Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage. That show was a barrel of fun night after night, so it only makes sense that another Jason/Dave collab would be a good show (for the audience and for the performers).

PTC: Why guitar?

SK: I will do anything I am asked to do in the realm of music!…I do pay attention to details well, so that bodes well for us all delivering a consistent show night after night.

PTC: If you ruled the world, what would you be remembered for?

SK: Not putting up with capitalist bullshit.

PTC: If you could create a tagline for this show, what would it be?

SK: Beardo: the ideal play for a borough in which no men shave.