Memorial Day: Playing Hot is BACK!

This Memorial Day, an old favorite is comin’ on back. Join us for a one-day-only jazz-concert-picnic-reading of Jaki Bradley and Kevin Armento’s PLAYING HOT.

Set within a brassy dance hall, PLAYING HOT deconstructs the incredible story of the birth of jazz in New Orleans. Retracing the rise and fall of Buddy Bolden, the little-known trumpeter who pioneered the radical sound that would become America’s Art Form, the show is neither biography nor period piece, neither play nor musical, but an explosive and innovative theatrical event in the style of jazz. With the help of a live brass band, Buddy’s legend and infectious songs are conjured to life, riffing on history and pop culture the same way his music riffed on the notes on the page.

Almost exactly one year ago, we presented a one-night only party version of the show, and this Memorial Day we’re bringing you a concert reading at the Target Community Garden in Bed-Stuy. Join us at 2PM, bring that picnic blanket and basket along with you. This is a community event, presented to the public free of charge. RSVP Now.

13344653_1032543033461596_9018441759733136629_nPhoto by Marcus Middleton from our 2016 production of Playing Hot.