Introducing a Night of Extraordinary Risk

Today we are pleased to introduce our first ever Night of Extraordinary Risk, a new program from the PlayLab. Each year, the current PlayLab Class will select an existing folk story, myth, or fairytale from which they will draw inspiration to collaboratively build an original play.

For the inaugural year of the program, the Class of 2018 selected the classic Indian folk tale, Baital Pachisi. The tale features a prideful king, a dubious sorcerer, a back-latching ghoul, innumerable daughters, and absolutely no sons. Join the PlayLab class of 2018 for a grand experiment in playmaking; a night of riddles, mystery, and, as always, a touch of magic. This new event will be presented November 16-18 in a tucked away space at 915 Broadway. Save the date, tickets on sale October 20.

Through a year-long series of monthly meetings, the PlayLab serves as a workshop for 6-8 playwrights annually to build new plays with constructive feedback from other playwrights, directors, and the artistic staff of Pipeline. Throughout the course of the season, the PlayLab presents their work to the public twice, at A Night of Extraordinary Risk in November and at A Week of Extraordinary Risk: Reading Series in June. The Week of Extraordinary Risk (previously titled the Bonfire Series) is the culminating event of the PlayLab and features staged readings of full-length plays developed over the course of the year by each writer.

Together, our Extraordinary Risk programs exemplify Pipeline’s mission to challenge artists to go as far as they can dream, and then perhaps to push even further. Our PlayLab was designed to give artists space and time to create, completely free from logistical and financial concerns; to authentically build the wild plays they imagine. The Extraordinary Risk programs are our opportunity to invite our whole community in on this thrilling, rewarding, and courageous process.


Written by
The PlayLab Class of 2018
Rick Burkhardt, J. Julian Christopher, Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Jae Kramisen,
Kairos Looney, Divya Mangwani, Matt Minnicino

Directed by Jaki Bradley & Tom Costello*
Music by Deepali Gupta & Nate Weida*

Set by Christopher Bowser*
Lighting by Scot Gianelli
Costumes by Haydee Zelideth
Stage Management by Shayna Penn


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.33.21 AM