Spotlight on Jenny Beth Snyder

Over fifty ferociously imaginative emerging artists are working together to bring our world premiere of Folk Wandering roaring into reality. Throughout the run of the show (until March 25!), we’ll be sharing interviews with each of these artists. These conversations will bring you inside this show’s very unique process of creation, and bring you a bit closer to this brilliant and wild group of emerging artists. Today, we are pleased to bring you a spotlight on our miraculous production manager, Jenny Beth Snyder.

Read the full interview below and get your tickets to performances February 23 – March 25 today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: What first attracted you to Folk Wandering? What made you want to work on this project?
Jenny Beth Snyder: Folk Wandering was first shown at FGPs Playground Playgroup and that’s when I was introduced to it. I was obsessed and wanted to produce it or be a part of it in any way and that was 7 years ago before I was a production manager. The music is some of the most gorgeous I have ever heard. The story line is gripping. I don’t remember and iteration where I didn’t cry watching it. I begged them to record the song Tomorrow so I could listen to it all the time. I have wanted to be a part of making this a full blown production for a very long time.

PTC: What aspect of the Folk Wandering story do you most relate to?
JBS: I think I relate most to Everett. And maybe the tenement apartment and the dreams of Rosealia wanting to be something and her small crush. Then in the end … well I probably shouldn’t say the end ha! But it’s bitter sweet and reminds you how fleeting it all is. Same with Everett. Maybe same with the whole show. Live. Now. It’s all already there.

PTC: What first attracted you to production management?
JBS: I wouldn’t say “attracted” would be the right word but I did find that I have a knack for organizing people and things. And I love this project and the people so I’d gladly organize those people and those things.  

PTC: If you were to write a tagline for Folk Wandering, what would it be?
JBS: Sometimes the wind works in your favor and sometimes …

PTC: What big dreams have you been chasing recently (or would you like to chase)?
JBS: I think my big dreams are actually a composite of little dreams. They’re very old people dreams. Like having health care, or the ability to have a house upstate but still work in the city. Having enough money to have kids but still be an artist… but like also that my theater company wins an Obie for artistic excellent. Or directing Morgan’s new play on an off broadway contract…. I’m not really focused.

PTC: Two truths and a lie, go:
JBS: I once maced myself in a pilates studio. I once got trapped in a cemetery overnight. I once rode my bike across the manhattan bridge with traffic.

Folk Wandering is just opened and is running through March 25. Tickets are now available to all performances. Get your tickets today!