Spotlight on Shernita Anderson: Playing Hot is destined to truly bring the heat!

Playing Hot begins performances in just one week! Ahead of our first performance, we’re pleased to continue introducing you to the brilliant artists who are building this boundless production. Today we’re featuring Shernita Anderson, our choreographer. Heard from Shernita below and grab your Playing Hot tickets today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: What is your relationship to Buddy Bolden’s story?

Shernita Anderson: I had actually never heard of Buddy Bolden until a few years ago when I was cast as a dancer in the feature film. I worked on the film in Atlanta for approximately two weeks and got the opportunity to learn Buddy’s story and about what life was like back then. My time on the film has definitely prepared me for my role as choreographer for Playing Hot.

PTC: What’s your relationship ship to jazz?

SA: From a young age, I was always drawn to jazz. There’s a freedom and the beauty to Jazz, that has always spoken to something within me. 

PTC: What is the most important element of this project to you?

SA: To me the most important element is the energy that each person brings to this project. Each person contributes consistent, positive energy with positive intentions which means that Playing Hot is destined to truly bring the heat! I want folks to know that Playing Hot, is more than a play, it is an experience. The should be prepared to laugh, learn and party!

PTC: What type of design do you do? What initially drew you to this type of design?

SA: Movement has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. So naturally, I became a dancer, training and performing in various styles before moving into the role of Choreographer. I enjoy creating beautiful stories through movement as well as empowering others to own their bodies, so of course, the role of Choreographer comes pretty natural to me.

PTC: What has been your approach to bringing New Orleans to Midtown New York? What elements have been important to you to focus on?

SA: During this process it’s been important for me to focus on the authenticity of not only the time and space but specifically the actors. Each actor brings something to unique to the play and I want those unique things to shine through within the various characters they portray.

Make sure to check out Shernita’s choreo this spring in Playing Hot! Follow her on instagram at @ShernitaSoFly #ShernitaBe.