Spotlight on Darrian Douglas: Buddy Bolden’s story is a part of the fabric of New Orleans

Playing Hot performances begin THIS WEEK so we’re thrilled to begin the introductions of our incredible band, the folks really bringing the jazz to Playing Hot. Today we’re featuring Darrian Douglas, our drummer. In addition to his work as a musician, Darrian is the executive director of a small New Orleans based nonproft called Second Line Arts Collective. Second Line develops and operates programs designed to teach young musicians how to monetize their artistic creations. Learn more from Darrian below, and check him out in person at Playing Hot. Grab your tickets today, still available for a limited time at the early bird rate.

Pipeline Theatre Company: What is your relationship to Buddy Bolden’s story?

Darrian Douglas: 11 years ago I moved to New Orleans from Mississippi. While in NOLA I learned about the importance of history and legacy. Buddy Bolden’s story is a part of the fabric of New Orleans and ignoring that would have been tragic. So I embraced his legacy as a part of my own.

PTC: What instrument do you play?

DD: I am a percussionist, but my main instrument is drum set.

PTC: When did you first start and what drew you to the music?

DD: I began playing drums in the 5th grade. I attended a performing arts conservatory from 5th-12th grade. At this school the only option for non classical instrumentalists was jazz. The sounds and rhythms of the music drew me in.

PTC: What is your relationship to the music?

DD: The music that call Jazz I call Black American Music. This music literally saved my life. I was introduced to playing and listening to it in elementary school. Music gave me purpose, it gave me something to work towards. Black American Music taught me the importance of mastery, focus, and determination.

PTC: If there were to be an “untold true story” about your own life, what would be the subject?

DD: My life story is one of adventure and intrigue. The power of embracing change would be the subject… The title of my life story is “The Story Within.”

You can keep following Darrian on instagram at @darriandouglas, and you can catch him live in Playing Hot!