Spotlight on Charlie Murray: This show pushes everyone to be the most creative versions of themselves

With just over a week left in our run of Playing Hot (performing now through May 18!) we’re pleased to introduce you to the wonderful Charlie Murray. Charlie is a director and a devisor and is serving as associate director on Playing Hot. Hear from Charlie below, and snag your tickets today!

Pipeline Theatre Company: Why are you working on this project? What is most exciting to you about being part of Playing Hot?

Charlie Murray: To me Playing Hot is all about new and inventive ways of theatrical storytelling. When I first read the script I thought – “This show will be impossible to make. I have to be a part of it!”  Every time I step into the rehearsal room or a production meeting I am inspired by the level of craft from all the artists involved. This show pushes everyone to be the most creative versions of themselves, especially the audience.

PTC: What do you want the folks reading this to know about Playing Hot? What’s the most important element of this project to you?

CM: We are a big family welcoming you into our world so come ready to have a good time and participate. What you bring to the show is what you will get out of it. Nothing is accidental. Everything you’ll see has thought, work, and care behind it.

PTC: If you were to write a tagline for Playing Hot, what would it be?

CM: Welcome to Our City!

Keep an eye out for Charlie’s devised projects, which have recently appeared at Dixon Place, Corkscrew Festival, Hypokrit, Theater for the New City, and The PIT. Follow her on Instagram at @charliegramedme for up the minute updates. And grab those tickets to Playing Hot today!