Cristina Pitter: Theatre that is epic and innovative

The big brass sounds could be heard from far away. A relentless rhythm of joy conjuring up even the most dreary of souls to move and groove. A wave of unbridled passion and boundless laughter moving through the streets, gathering up more power with every two step and twirl of the umbrella raised high in the second line. Those in the know joined in time and strangers in awe followed the crowds into a makeshift dance hall in the hopes of finding out what this massive spectacle was all about.

I suppose you want to know this was too. You must be just a bit curious, yes? Well before I get too ahead of myself, my name is Cristina Pitter and I am a big fan (and new ensemble member!) of the reason you’re even reading this: Pipeline Theatre Company.  And what I’ve been raving about is a show that I have been obsessed with since its first iteration two years ago. A show that created beautiful friendships and necessary intersectional conversations that continue to grow and inform us as artists and people of the world. A show that I KNOW you will swoon, scream, and shout over as it explodes with an exhilarating breath of life and bodies literally leaping and jumping off platforms in time to music. I’m speaking of none other than Playing Hot, a wild creation exploring the history of Buddy Bolden and the birth of jazz in New Orleans. I seriously get chills just thinking about it. Moreover, my heart bursts with an absurd amount of love knowing that because of Pipeline Theatre Company, the world (well folks who come to NYC) will get to experience this event so soon!


I am thrilled to be a part of Pipeline and to be working among those who believe in creating theatre that seems impossible. And Playing Hot is a show that definitely fits that criteria and honors everything that Pipeline is: a company that is gloriously courageous. A company that creates theatre that is epic and innovative. A company that pushes the imagination in all senses. I cannot wait to share this show with you all. And in order to do that, we need your help. We need your bright faces in the audiences. We need your support in spreading the good word. And like all things in this world, we need that coin to keep the lights on, the drinks flowing, and the magic bursting from every seam as we head into our 10th Anniversary.

Let’s make this season the best and boldest one yet.

Much love,


Top Photo by Julia Anrather
Bottom Photo by Marcus Middleton, Playing Hot (2016)