A Message from Andrew Farmer

Dear Friends of Pipeline,

If you’re reading this message, you and I have a wonderful thing in common: We’re both big fans of Pipeline Theatre Company. Maybe we sat next to each other at BYUIOO–their beautiful, acrobatic, gibberish musical at Judson Church. Or did we share a table at the Matchstick Series when Pipeline’s PlayLab writers showcased their most adventurous new plays? Perhaps we brushed shoulders at Clown Bar? I was in a massive red wig with checkered hula-hoop pants eating a banana.

My name is Andrew Farmer. I’m a writer, actor and frequent collaborator in the Pipeline community. In addition to chewing the scenery as Bobo in Clown Bar I was the playwright behind their most recent mainstage, The Gray Man.

As an artist who frequently works on big, bold, absurd comedies, the thought of having my intimate little ghost play produced was terrifying. Built with veteran Pipeline director Andrew Neisler, it was unlike anything either of us had ever made before. We knew it would take extraordinary faith, energy, and fortitude in a company to make it work; to plunge an audience into an ever-transforming story, whisking them from their beds to a rotting tenement building, to a cabin in the woods; to cast a group of equally transformable actors; and to provide an experience for each audience member that felt as personal and delicate as a bedtime story. Pipeline Theatre pulled it off thoughtfully and magnificently. It’s no wonder that they’re known for making the impossible suddenly and masterfully possible.

They support their collaborators wholly and tirelessly. They are constantly creating new opportunities for emerging writers, actors, directors and designers to develop and share their work. And each show they produce is a true immersive experience that rewards its audience generously for coming out to support new drama. These are not only remarkable feats to accomplish in the theater world, they are also remarkably rare.

To keep Pipeline running it takes passionate hard work (they’ve got that covered), exceptional artistic vision (check) and of course, money (this is where you come in.) Your contribution helps Pipeline make all those impossible things possible. Each time an audience member gasps, laughs or wonders “How’d they do that?” you’ll have a hand in making it happen. Each time a PlayLab playwright gets their work produced for the first time, you’ll be a crucial step in their process. Each light that’s hung, each actor that’s paid, each new piece that reinvigorates the theater world will be possible because of you.

So join me in pledging your support to Pipeline. Every little bit helps (every big bit too!) Let’s keep this astounding company of serious make-believers in the business of putting magic onstage.


Thanks so much for your time and I hope to see you at the next show! I’ll be the guy in the red wig and hula-hoop pants.


Andrew Farmer